The Playful Art of Mindful Eating

 Mindful eating is derived from a Buddhist concept called mindfulness where the main idea is to embrace your subconscious’s basic and raw desires associated with eating. Some of the fundamentals that one needs to follow while adopting this way of life are as follows:

Appreciate your food – understand its origins and the way it gets assimilated into your body to become a form of nutrition for you

Take a moment to reflect on the many elements, such as the rain, sunshine, earth, and air that have come together to create this food that will nourish you.  Open to the feeling of gratitude for having food, and to all of the people who grew, picked, dried, packed and transported this food so that you could hold in our hands.

Recognize your inner guilts, cravings, and anxieties that you have when it comes to your food. Understand that every human has them and feel the freedom to respect the ones that arise from within you

While eating, notice your food and appreciate its color texture, and burst of flavors. Listen to the sound that your cutlery or hands make when they come into contact with that food. 

Observe how different foods have a different reaction on your state of mind and on your body

This form of eating has been known to be really beneficial in treating eating disorders, and depression among other things. Even for healthy people, mindful eating has been known to provide a healthy lifestyle to the individuals who take on this approach!

Collaboration to develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle to manage stress, cope with change and improve your overall well-being to thrive.  

Commitment to Practice:

It is about opening  to the possibility of change growth and evolution

Personal development is not linear.  There will be stops, detour, setbacks, serendipity’s and surprises  

Creating A strong network of resilient impact-driven leaders who practice living a life of awareness & mindfulness, teach, inspire, support, and transform lives.  Share a common vision to strengthen resilience within themselves, others, the community, and the world.

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