I, Kimberly Joyce, Founder of Core Catalyst Connection, Holistic Integrative Lifestyle Coach empower resilient women who are ready to shed their armor and prioritize their self-care. I work with Courageous women who are ready to take their life to next level by taking forward action to cultivate a positive mindset and change their habits to design a life filled with awareness, mindfulness, and intentional self-care to take back control of their daily life experiences through an accelerated personal growth by learning the Playful Art of an Intentional Daily Routine.

I am driven by a mission to empower individuals and populations to embody themselves and live a fulfilling life through lifestyle interventions, including food, physical activity, mind-body techniques, and a balanced environment. I strive daily to provide simple, practical education based on the translation of the strengths of Eastern and Western Medicine, Neuro-Science, Human Physiology and Nature.


Vision Statement
I envision the possibility for you to embody yourself, to generate curiosity and courageousness to build inner strength, clarity, confidence, intentional action, emotional agility, presence, and resilience within yourself, your communities and your environments to facilitate a needed change to uplift and empower the World. I aspire to emphasize intention, movement, balance, and mindfulness.