The Playful Art of an Intentional Daily Routine 6-week program is an Introduction to activate your awareness of self-sabotaging behaviors, spark stress reduction mindfulness practices and construct nourishing habits designed to transform your morning routine!

It is time to rise above the chaos to Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful with an Intentional Lifestyle Practice designed to help you develop a positive mindset, healthy habits, and daily self-care rituals to manage your body’s stress response and your reactions and the decisions/choices you have made that have led to where you stand today.

This journey opens you to new possibilities and allows you to make conscious choices about the direction and outcome of your life. Create a life experience that is in alignment and your actions are congruent with where you want to go in life and who you want to be.

Ready to reclaim your power?
Build your resilience with a sustainable self-care program

Balance is the key to everything you do. The intention of this journey is to cultivate balance to manage stress by using science-based awareness and mindfulness rituals to strengthen your resilience to manage internal and external stress.

You will awaken to your mind and body by taking a journey inward to explore your habitual thought patterns and behaves that make up your daily routine. Are you aware of how you are navigating your life? It takes a spark of curiosity and a courageous step to change the unhealthy habits that are currently driving your daily routine?

Your daily routine consists of habits and most of this is done without even having to think. You are operating from your subconscious mind, autopilot, not your conscious mind. That’s why even though you understand the importance of having good habits, sometimes it’s tough to stick to a healthy daily routine.

It takes courage to change. Through a process, you’ll unveil limiting beliefs and witness how your beliefs impact your decisions. By changing your mindset and habits you can reduce the amount of time your body spends in stress mode.

During our 6-week commitment, we will collaborate to design an intentional morning routine by making small intentional tweaks to your morning routine to decrease stress in the mind & body.

              *Bring Awareness to how your Subconscious influences your life and free yourself from your limiting beliefs                                                              *Tap into your limiting beliefs, thoughts, and mindset with curiosity, ask self-discovery questions to cultivate a life with less chaos and                     stress by prioritizing your self-care.
              *Mindfulness is a radical practice that interrupts your habits and thought patterns to rewire your brain and improve your life                                *Apply science to release happy brain chemicals and learn to manage your emotional-sensory system to eleviate stress.

You will practice the breathing techniques and mindfulness practices that are rooted in science-based strategies to calm your nervous system, regulate your emotional-sensory system and activate your happy brain chemicals to create balance.  This process will help choreograph your life through inner awareness rather than out of reactivitys to your happiness.  Feel it, acknowledge it and embody the lessons to propel you forward towards your goals, using your life experiences as stepping stones instead of block

Plus, 1:1 Accountability includes:
               *One-on-One 45-minute Zoom Connection Call
               *Unlimited Contact through Voxer

Are you courageous and curious enough to bring your awareness within?
Your subconscious mind is a best collection of unintentional unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, automatic skills, and reactions that manage your daily experiences and ultimately create your life.

Every day you have multiple opportunities to be more aware of the choices you are making and how you are choosing to live your life. When we begin to pay attention to our present moment experience with curiosity and take a journey inward, we open the door to greater aliveness, embodiment, and connection with ourselves and ultimately, with others.

Let’s get out of numbing your feelings with shopping, eating avoiding discomfort, sadness and pain let’s mindfully your way through your feelings and emotions.

The Playful Art of an Intentional Daily Routine 6-week program is ONLY $666 which means less than $120/week.

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