Welcome to Day 2, Change and Fear

Manu Shahi

Author, Education Consultant & Speaker 

Manu Shahi is an Academic Life Coach and Ziglar Certified Life Trainer and Speaker.  She coaches teens, college students, and families who are academically and socially stressed. Manu motivates her clients to discover their inner motivation and achieve their short-term and long-term goals.  Additionally, Manu has successfully led dozens of workshops, discussions, and panels on family, acacdemics, teens, motivation, resilience and self image.  She specializes in helping woman and teens find their why create goal setting processes, and time managment techniques.  Manu provides hope and inspiration.        

Listen to Manu’s Ted Talk, How changing your mindset can help you embrace change 

 Dr Karen Triesman

PhD & Author

Clinical Psychologist, Trainer, Organizational Consultant and Author of 11 books. Specialising in trauma including in areas of adoption, child protection, refugee and asylum seeking experience, fostering, and supporting organizations to become more trauma, adversity, and culturally informed, infused, and responsive. Experience in the UK and working cross culturally including throughout Africa. Director of Safe Hands and Thinking Minds. 

Listen to Karen’s Ted Talk, Good Relationships are the key to healing trauma 

Alyssa Dver

CEO of American Confident Institute & Author

Confidence crusader, Neuro Nerd, and Success Equalizer.  Alyssa Dver is CEO of the American Confidence Institute.  She activates human potential using the science of confidence to empower growth minded individuals, coaches, and teams.  Besides leading ACI’s own courses Alyssa is an expert speaker on stage and online, soon to do her second TEDx, and has written 7 bestselling books.  Her latest, “Confidence is a Choice:  Real Science.  Superhero Impact” was endorsed by Leader at MIT, Wharton, Harvard, Yale, UC Berkeley, and many more respected schools and companies. 

Alyssa teaches at Penn’s Innovation Center and is a professional advisor at MIT’s Trust Center.  She co-hosts the popular podcast, “In Confidence: Face Your Workplace” and is constantly interviewed by other media and authors.             

Alyssa demonstrates her personal commitment to workplace equity and inclusion by founding the ERG Leadership Alliance which she actively chairs. 

She joyfully coaches several start-ups, non-profits, and individuals and most proudly mothers 2 awesome and very tall sons, plus one quirky but very cute rescue pooch.

Listen to Alyssa’s TedTalk:  Confidence is A Choice:  Real Science.  Superhero Impact.


Beth Kurland PhD 

Author & TedTalk Motivational Speaker

Beth Kurland, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, TedTalk Speaker, and author of three award winning books Dancing on The Tightrope:  transcending the Habits of Your Mind and Awakenng to Your Fullest Life: The Transformative Power of Ten Minutes:  An Eight Week Guide to Reducing Stress and Cultivating Well-Being; and Gifts of the Rain Puddle; poems, meditations and Reflections for the Mindful Soul.  Beth is passionate about teaching mindfulness informed practices and mind-body strategies to help people cultivate whole person health and well-being.  She has been providing evidence-based practices to people across the lifespan for over 25 years and has a psychology practice in Norwood, MA.  Beth is a regular blog writer for Psychology Today and PsychCentral. 

Visit:  https://BethKurland.com to enjoy her free meditations or find her free meditations on Insight Timeer.  Beth also has an eight week, online class she will be offering in 2021 based on her books so contact her if you would like further information.    

Listen to Beth’s Ted Talk:  3 Tools for Change You Were Never Taught

                Susanna Mittermaier, PhD                       Founder of the Pragmatic Psychology Centre & Author

Susanna Mittermaier, PhD is the founder of the revolutionary new approach of Pragmatic Psychology, an active worldwide speaker, an international bestselling author in twelve countries with her new book: Pragmatic Psychology – tools for being crazy happy – and founder of the Pragmatic Psychology Centre in Vienna.