Welcome.  I am Kimberly Joyce, Founder of Core Catalyst Connection, Holistic Integrative Lifestyle Coach, and Physical Therapist Assistant.  My passion grows out of my own life-long journey of personal growth, my interest in the neuroscience of human consciousness, professional & personal experiences, and my success in creating an intentional lifestyle for myself. 

Curiosity and unhappiness led me to experiment with the art of building my inner strength from my challenges during life transitions and with self-sabotaging behaviors.  I did not have awareness of my body responses and reactions or the deep emotional pain, avoidance, and unfulfilled life I was creating for myself and my family.  I did not acknowledge my emotions and I  did not have the skill to manage my emotions.  Being so emotional, I   could not see my own blind spots that were keeping me from experiencing more presences, deeper connections, and joy.  

But it was not always like this. At one point, emotions and beliefs controlled my life and every decision without my awareness this was happening.  I was numb, emotionally disconnected, feeling unfulfilled, and spiraling in self-sabotaging habits and thought patterns.  Not aware that I was neglecting my self-care, my body stuck in a state of stress, making life decisions that were driving me into deeper darkness and disconnected, feeling personally unfulfilled in every area of my life.  

Until I figured out my real problem, I was emotionally disconnected from myself, unaware of my disempowering mindset, and stuck in unhealthy habits that were causing havoc in my life.  I  was not present with my family or friends, just going through the motions and living on autopilot, losing motivation to discover myself, my purpose, and settling for comfort. 

Then one day, I was asked, “what do you need to do to be happy” and I realized it was time for a change.  I made the choice to prioritize my own self-care.  Once I was courageous enough to take a journey within, I was able to build my resilience through an intentional daily routine.  

Through my self-exploration journey, I have developed the Playful Art of an Intentional Daily Routine journey to strengthen self-awareness, adopted mindfulness practices, and tailored my self-care rituals to manage stress, emotions, and overwhelmedness to strengthen my Resilience and Reclaim My Power. Through this process, I have developed healthy habits to rewire the brain and release happy brain chemicals.  

When I made the decision to create a playful intentional routine as I do in therapy for children, I was able to manage stress, take intentional action to cultivate more joy within myself so I can focus on taking intentional action towards my ideal day and life while reprogramming my subconscious autopilot to rebound/recover back into balance with a positive mindset.

 I understand the challenges with life transitions and the importance of cultivating healthy habits of both the mind and body to navigate the transitions of life.  I have experienced how nourishing self-care perpetuates stress, anxiety, and dis-ease within my body.   I realize that through the internal chaos and uncomfortableness there is passion, purpose, and aliveness. And many of YOU are only an arm’s length away from joy.


My Professional Credentials include Neurodevelopmental Techniques, Mindset Transformational Training include:  Lynn Sheridan, Mike Strasner & Lisa Kalmin Leadership Intensive, Landmark Forum, and Neuro-Linguistic Program, Ayurvedic Study, and Ayurvedic Institute with Dr. Lad, Soul of Yoga Teacher Training, Iyengar Restorative Yoga Wall Therapeutics, & Reiki Training