This is An Interruptive Personal Evolution Process Through an Experimental Lifestyle

The Playful Art of an Intentional Daily Routine

The Playful Art of an Intentional Daily Routine program is designed to spark your curiosity and ask yourself empowering questions to ignite your motivation to bring more balance in all areas of your life.  

This experimental program will prioritize your self-care.  You will develop a sustainable daily routine to build neural pathways for lasting healthy habitual change with a vision to redirect your life towards more joy, self-discipline, motivation, and purpose. 

You have the choice to create positive changes in life.  It is rare to get the opportunity to work on your nutrition, mindset, stress management, and motivational vision. With a trained professional who takes the time to listen and get to know you as a unique individual. As a Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant, I create a supportive, educational environment that will enable you to identify and achieve your health goals.  

By learning the Art of a Playful Daily Routine to take courageous action to prioritize your self-care, build your resilience and live intentionally to generate self-discipline, motivation, intentional action, focus, along with, mind and body connection to cultivate inner harmony so you can make a choice to prioritize your self-care.  

During our 6-Months commitment, you will identify unhealthy habits that are harming your body and distracting you from uncomfortable emotions. You will prioritize your self-care to manage stress, overwhelm, and dis-ease. You unveil your inner chaos to discover your passion, purpose, and aliveness.  You are arm’s length away from joy.


The Playful Art of an Intentional Daily Routine is a sustainable methodology to regulate the nervous system, cultivate sustainable healthy habits, and empower thoughts to gain more clarity to strive to live your life with understanding, passion, and gratitude. You will have tools to manage the internal chaos so you can manage your outer world with clarity, intention, and joy.  


By not prioritizing your self-care, you perpetuate stress, overwhelm, along with feeling unfulfilled.  By infusing your day with science-based strategies, tools, and techniques to regulate your sensory emotional system, disempowering thoughts, and unhealthy habits that sabotage your joy and aliveness. 


The Playful Art of an Intentional Routine will develop a new framework to prioritize your self-care.  You will dissolve disempowering thoughts, reconnect with your body, and bring purpose to the chaos.  Building sustainable lasting healthy habits with accountability and connection to strengthen your resilience.


My methodology will prioritize your self-care by integrating the explore the nervous system, nutrition, sensual-mental-spiritual health, fitness, self-care, and connection to thrive.  

  • You will gain a clear understanding of mindfulness that will allow you to harness its radical power to rewire your brain and improve your life using practices that can easily incorporate into your daily routine. For more clarity, energy, presence, along with less stress and overwhelm.  
  • Strategies, tools, and practices to redirect your life towards more joy, self-discipline, motivation, and purpose
  • Provide science-based strategies, tools and techniques to manage stress, reduce risk of dis-ease, and calm the mind
  • Improve your awareness of your limiting beliefs and disempowering thoughts to strengthening your resilience through daily self-care practices
  •  Free yourself from habitual patterns, emotional reactions, and past conditioning.
  • You will learn to choreograph your life through inner awareness rather than out of reactivity.  
  • You will manage your stress and overwhelm to bring more clarity, compassion, and fulfillment. 
  • strengthen your resilience to recognize your self-sabotaging habits.
  • Develop Healthy Habits to manage your stress, focus, motivation and discipline 

Become aware of the breath, the moment of space between what’s happening and our reaction to it, your greatest ally in managing challenges and strengthening your resilience.  

You must make a commitment to strengthen your resilience, prioritize your self-care, and consciously develop a positive mindset to generate joy, life balance, and connection. Trust the process.  Trust Your Inner World. 

The Playful Art of an Intentional Daily Routine Program is only $4000 for 6-months!

You will have unlimited accountability to support you during The Playful Art of an Intentional Daily Routine Program:  with biweekly One on One 45-minute Zoom Connection Call & Unlimited Contact through Voxer.