Janae Weinhold, PhD

Developmental Therapist & Author

Janae Weinhold has her doctorate in Planetary Psychology, is
a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice, and a
clinical specialist in developmental psychology. She and Dr.
Barry Weinhold, her partner and husband of almost 36 years,
have written 10 books about their research in developmental
psychology. They co-direct two institutes in Colorado that
support their research and training programs, and partner with private and non-governmental organizations in Ukraine. 

Dr Shimi Kang, MD

Founder of Dolphin Kids: Future-Ready & Author

Fear is normal at this time.  Its okay,feel it and let it pass.Don’t hold on to it as then it becomes stress.  Stress releases cortisol, reduces our immune functioning and moves from our thinking and feeling brain.  Staying calm, connected, grateful and optimistic during these times is our challenge.  It is only through challenge that we grow.  I know ou can do it.  We all can.  Health, Happiness, and Empowerment is hardwired into us.  Enjoy the Journey within, Shimi 

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Shauna Quigley

Founder & Director of Wellness Seeker

Shauna Quigley is the founder of The Clearing Method is a
guide to uncovering and healing the source of your suffering. The method is a psychotherapeutic, body centred tool,
delivered through the person centred relationship.
This method has been born out of Shauna’s own experience in
the journey back to her real self. Shauna’s journey back to her real self happened over a period of a few years. During this time her witness mind observed the source of her suffering and assisted her thinking mind to find and heal the source of that suffering. Shauna’s experience was that you can find a way to bypass the mind’s need to sort and label, by using the emotional content within.

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Bobi Seredich, Co-Founder of Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence & Author

Bobi is the co-founder of The Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence. She is a certified coach and trainer in Emotional Intelligence from the Institute for Health and Human Potential. She is a recognized speaker, author, trainer and successful entrepreneur specializing in leadership development. Her passion is to guide individuals and organizations to a higher performance level through her own business knowledge, inspirational stories and leadership emotional intelligence training. She has spent over 20 years of her career dedicated to creating, directing, writing and presenting leadership programs for top companies in the U.S. and around the world.

Bhanu Joy Harrison, LCSW, SEP, LMT, & a UCLA- Trained Mindfulness Facilitator

It is easy at this time to project our worries and concerns into the future.  What helps us stay grounded, is to be connected to our bodies, in the here and now.  Take a moment to notice your breath!  If you are still breathing, there is more right with you than wrong…and you are still alive!  Feel your weight in your chair or on the gound.  Tast your food, feel the satisfaciton of drinking water.  These mments of emobidied mindfulness go a long way to bringing our attention back to the present moment, where the body always lives.  Soften your brow, relax your hands and send kind thoughts to all those who ae suffering and strength to those doing the care giving.  We will get through this!

Manu Shahi

Author, Education Consultant & Speaker 

Manu Shahi is an Academic Life Coach and Ziglar Certified Life Trainer and Speaker.  She coaches teens, college students, and families who are academically and socially stressed. Manu motivates her clients to discover their inner motivation and achieve their short-term and long-term goals.  Additionally, Manu has successfully led dozens of workshops, discussions, and panels on family, acacdemics, teens, motivation, resilience and self image.  She specializes in helping woman and teens find their why create goal setting processes, and time managment techniques.  Manu provides hope and inspiration.        

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 Dr Karen Triesman

PhD & Author

Clinical Psychologist, Trainer, Organizational Consultant and Author of 11 books. Specialising in trauma including in areas of adoption, child protection, refugee and asylum seeking experience, fostering, and supporting organizations to become more trauma, adversity, and culturally informed, infused, and responsive. Experience in the UK and working cross culturally including throughout Africa. Director of Safe Hands and Thinking Minds. 

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Alyssa Dver

CEO of American Confident Institute & Author

Confidence crusader, Neuro Nerd, and Success Equalizer.  Alyssa Dver is CEO of the American Confidence Institute.  She activates human potential using the science of confidence to empower growth minded individuals, coaches, and teams.  Besides leading ACI’s own courses Alyssa is an expert speaker on stage and online, soon to do her second TEDx, and has written 7 bestselling books.  Her latest, “Confidence is a Choice:  Real Science.  Superhero Impact” was endorsed by Leader at MIT, Wharton, Harvard, Yale, UC Berkeley, and many more respected schools and companies. 

Alyssa teaches at Penn’s Innovation Center and is a professional advisor at MIT’s Trust Center.  She co-hosts the popular podcast, “In Confidence: Face Your Workplace” and is constantly interviewed by other media and authors.             

Alyssa demonstrates her personal commitment to workplace equity and inclusion by founding the ERG Leadership Alliance which she actively chairs. 

She joyfully coaches several start-ups, non-profits, and individuals and most proudly mothers 2 awesome and very tall sons, plus one quirky but very cute rescue pooch.

Listen to Alyssa’s TedTalk:  Confidence is A Choice:  Real Science.  Superhero Impact.


Beth Kurland PhD 

Author & TedTalk Motivational Speaker

During these uncertain and most challenging of times, I offer a few thoughts to help people cope:  
1.  If possible, find moments of refuge in present moment experiences.  For most people, our nervous systems are on high alert much more than usual.  Finding even brief points throughout the day where we can engage in activities that allow us to be fully present can help our bodies to experience a mini reset.  This might involve anything from cooking, going for a walk in nature, playing with a child or pet, getting absorbed in a piece of music, doing a creative project or something as mundane as folding laundry.  When we are fully present, it helps us step out of the mental rumination that can increase our suffering.
2.  Pay attention to the “diet” you feed yourself – In this case, not food (though healthy foods are a great idea!), but the information you consume each day.  While it is important to stay informed, make sure to fill yourself up with daily inspiration and positivity from your favorite sources.  With so much being live-streamed now, there are some great choices out there on a daily basis.
3.  As I heard health psychologist Kelly McGonigal talk about in an interview for NICABM, in times of difficulty, focus not so much on what you can control (though this can be helpful) but on what you can choose.  Even when so much is out of our control, we can choose how we show up in any given moment.  We can choose courage, compassion, kindness, and self-care among other things.
4.  As Thich Nhat Hanh said in The Art of Living, (I am paraphrasing here) — when we turn toward our suffering and hold it compassionately the way we would hold a crying child, when we can meet our pain with a reassurance that we are here for ourselves; rather than trying to push it away, we can bring some ease to our suffering.

Visit:  https://BethKurland.com to enjoy her free meditations or find her free meditations on Insight Timeer.  Beth also has an eight week, online class she will be offering in 2021 based on her books so contact her if you would like further information.    

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                Susanna Mittermaier, PhD                       Founder of the Pragmatic Psychology Centre & Author

Susanna Mittermaier MSc is the founder of the revolutionary new approach of Pragmatic Psychology, an active worldwide speaker, an international bestselling author in twelve countries with her new book: Pragmatic Psychology – tools for being crazy happy – and founder of the Pragmatic Psychology Centre in Vienna.

Dr Allison Jackson, PhD

CEO of Intergration Solutions 

Dr. Jackson aims to bring trauma-and-resilience-informed practices to professionals who serve at-promise youth, families, and adults in their communities. She lives out her mission by providing educational opportunities directly to community members as well as to people in the direct care and leadership levels of an organization.  

Her clinical practice and research focus on advancing effective trauma-informed treatment practices for persons who experience behavioral problems. She offered outpatient therapeutic services for military service men and women and their families. Also, she provided crisis therapy services to youth and adults who were diagnosed mental health problems.

Gustav Moen, Trauma Informed Psychotherapist

Gustav Moen is a philosopher and private-practice psychotherapist who harbors a natural curiosity for the relationship between empathy, relational connections, and healing. He is an engaging and knowledgeable presence who uses a narrative style to connect with his audience in order to nurture understanding through experiential discussions.

Liz Mullinar

Founder of Heal for Life

Liz Mullinar is a survivor of childhood trauma and the founder of Heal For Life Foundation. Heal For Life centers in Australia, UK and the Philippines have helped over 8,500 adults and children heal from their childhood trauma through an affordable five day, residential program for trauma recovery.

Liz is an internationally renowned speaker and has delivered many papers at international conferences on the Heal for Life Model of healing. She is the author of two books published by Hodder Headline: Breaking the Silence and The Liz Mullinar Story. She is a member of the Order of Australia for services to the Arts and survivors of trauma, and in 2000 was awarded inaugural Australian Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Listen to Liz’s TedTalk:  Treating the Core Problem of Childhood Trauma


Tara Cousineau

PhD & Author

In changing and chaotic times, we need to slow down and reset our stress.  Let’s use this time to practice recuiting our own phsyiology to calm our bodies and minds with caring attention.  It truly is time to hit the personal pause button and practice social distancing as an acot of kindness towards oneself and others.  Remember:  whatever we insert into our social lives is contagious, so that means being kind and cal I am a clinical psychologist and researcher by trade; I am a kindness warrior and agent of change by mission.

Lee Pycroft

Strategic Intervention Coach

Lee Pycroft is a highly regarded make up artist .She has painted the faces of many A-list celebrities such as Joely Richardson, Anne Hathaway, Elle Macpherson and Laura Linney and has collaborated with several global cosmetic houses to present and deliver trends, information and looks to beauty press and key opinion formers.

Her TV work has extended to slots on QVC through to heading the make up team for Britain’s Next Top Model and creating a variety of ‘Get the Look’ videos.

Realising that beauty and makeup had a role to play in self-care and emotional wellbeing, Lee trained as as a Human Givens psychotherapist HG Dip and is a registered member of the Human Givens Institute (MHGI).