Movement is the Fastest Way to Quiet the Mind

The Body

Somatic practice encompasses posture and movement. The Somatic practice believes a person’s thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and beliefs can have an impact on physical functioning, while physical factors such as diet, exercise, and posture may positively or negatively affect a person’s mental and emotional state. Somatic is a modality grounded in the mind-body connection. Shift to begin to view the mind and body as one entity; it is essential to the transformational process. 

According to somatic therapy theory, the sensations associated with past trauma may become trapped within the body and reflected in facial expressions, posture, muscular pain, or other forms of body language. A somatic practice can positively impact, release and help regulate the mind/body. In addition, it’s a catalyst to becoming pain-free, move more easily, do our life work more efficiently, and perform with greater vitality and expressiveness. 

Listen deeply to the body. Notice what is already happening and how you carry out habitual movements, working with the breath, responding to sensations, encouraging exploration of alternative ways of moving and consciously altering movement habits and choices. Dropping into your somatic experience you are able to make decisions that help to create new neural pathways. 

The spine governs your stability, self-control, emotions, creativity, joy, self-expression, self-love, sensuality and overall well-being. Let’s get back to balance through spinal mobility. Spinal alignment is dependent on the stability and mobility of the pelvic girdle. The stability of the lumbar spine and fluidity of the pelvic girdle creates the foundation for the movement of the spine. Incorporate daily movements within your daily routine to build spinal stability and mobility to create a safe environment for the spine to “flow”, reduce tension, and reduce pain. 

Furthermore, somatic movement integrates the body’s sensations, feelings, and emotions with the mind. Through somatic, through the body, you are able to learn presence and boundaries, re- establish connection with self and connect to what makes your life meaningful and garner your resilience, self-esteem, and confidence to live authentically.