The idea of bringing curiosity to the inner chaos and the internal uncomfortableness of emotions and feelings results in stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and shutdown.

I am a catalyst in helping you make stronger neural pathways to develop a healthier, more active lifestyle that is easy to apply to your daily life!

I serve women between the ages of 30-55 who have developed self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that have kept them from prioritizing their personal self-care and strengthening their mental & physical resilience while raising their children, setting aside their passion, managing the home, and/or careers.

My passion and expertise support you with easy-to-apply science based tools and techniques to create a healthy daily routine and sustainable habits. I am committed to supporting you to achieve health, happiness, and motivation by blending science with practical tools.

My vision is to strengthen both your mental-emotional-physical Resilience, to calm your nervous system, activate your “happy” brain chemicals, and interrupt the habitual patterns to begin the process of integrating the mind, body, and consciousness motivated to cultivate life experiences that are more fulfilling, intentional, and inflow with your life vision, purpose, and desires.

My holistic methodology is for those who lack self-care, inconsistent with discipline, fluctuating motivation, engage in excessive self-sabotaging activity or behavior that harms the body and distracts from their emotions. They tend to over-focus on others’ needs while leaving theirs unmet. They settle for too little joy or fun.  Does this sound like you?

I challenge you to embody yourself, to generate curiosity and courageousness to build your inner strength, clarity, intentional action, emotional intelligence to strengthen your resilience within yourself, your family, and your community.”

Every day you have multiple opportunities to be more aware of the choices you are making and how you are choosing to live your life. When you begin to pay attention to your present moment experience with curiosity and take a journey inward, you open the door to greater aliveness, embodiment, and connection with yourself and ultimately, with others.